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Refund Policy - DNA Tests

In the event a refund is requested for a DNA test, the following conditions apply -

  • No refunds will be provided once testing has commenced.

  • Only a partial refund will be provided after samples are handed over to our facility or after samples are collected at our facility (prior to testing commencement).

  • LKR 8,500/- admin fee will be charged by Healthline Medical Diagnostics as a fixed amount and only the balance will be refunded back to the client.

  • The above LKR 8,500/- admin fee is for the testing of two individuals. An additional LKR 7,000/- admin fee will be charged for each additional individual tested before the balance is refunded.

  • Refunds will be sent back to the client only via a bank transfer.

  • Proof of original receipt or deposit slip will need to be provided before a refund request.

  • In the event of a successful refund, if the client requests the test be done again, no discount or reduced rate will be provided.

  • Healthline Medical Diagnostics reserves the right to withdraw refunds where they see fit and change the above conditions without prior notice.

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